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Air conditioning compressor

Released on Dec. 06, 2023

Air conditioning compressor: compresses the vaporized refrigerant into a liquid state, and then pumps it into the evaporator to produce the cooling we need~!

Exhaust manifold: The exhaust gas generated by each cylinder of the engine is collected into the exhaust main pipe through the exhaust manifold, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the three-way catalytic converter and muffler. Because the exhaust gas from the engine is very hot, a protective shell is added here to provide heat insulation. I saw that there is no sign of the hand shape, but there is an X, which means don’t touch it, you will get burned~!

Oxygen sensor: detects the oxygen content in the exhaust gas and transmits the signal to the engine control module to control the amount of fuel injection so that the fuel can be fully burned and emissions reduced. If there is a problem with the oxygen sensor, it is said that the engine will idle unstable and fuel consumption will increase sharply.