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Quality Control

Quality is in the details. To build an impeccable reputation of high quality as a manufacturer, you must start with superb raw materials and end with exceptional on-time delivery to the customer. In between lies a multitude of production steps, all of which must be planned and executed utilizing modern, fully automated production systems. As the leading supplier in China, BOMAI AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES guarantees that its products will meet and exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. We are committed to ensuring your success.

  • In-procurement of raw material

    In-procurement of raw material

    To maintain a consistent quality product and service all the time, we have implemented a quality management system which performs as multiple levels:

    In-procurement of raw material

    From the procurement of the raw material, professional purchasing people take charge of the good quality.

  • In-process controls

    In-process controls 

    In-process controls are performed on a continuous basis by our machine operators or automatically. Characteristics such as mass, appearance,etc are monitored.

    This data is recorded in our computerized quality management software to ensure conformity to the product specification and complete trace ability of each lot.

  • Packaging Control

    Packaging Control

    Packing is checked in- line for accurate quantity, label conformity and appearance to make sure packaged correctly.

  • A finial inspection control

    A finial inspection control

    A finial inspection prior to shipping is performed for each order as to ensure that the quantity on the order and the delivery slip is the same.

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