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Car modification

Released on Jun. 11, 2024

Car modification

Projects include: replacing the host (such as changing the deck to CD; changing a single-disc CD to a multi-disc CD player; adding VCD, DVD, etc.), replacing or adding speakers, adding amplifiers, etc.

The following parts of the car can be modified: Bumper modification: The owner may pay more attention to the safety of the car and feel that the front and rear bumpers of the original car are not strong enough. The bumper modification can be passed in the annual inspection.

The changes to the car may involve changing the color of the body, replacing the engine, replacing the body or frame. The owner can go directly to the vehicle management office to handle the change registration within 10 days after the change. The vehicle management office will handle the relevant procedures for the owner on the day of acceptance, including signing the changes on the motor vehicle registration certificate, reclaiming the driving license, and issuing a new driving license.

Car modification can be divided into appearance modification, interior modification, power modification, handling modification and audio modification.