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Don’t Be Afraid to Visit Your Auto Repair Shop!

Released on Jan. 14, 2022

With the arrival of winter, give your vehicle a little extra attention before the cold of winter is here to stay for a while. This means that an inspection of your vehicle is vital in making sure that the recommended maintenance items have been taken care of at the appropriate intervals and that all necessary auto repair issues have been resolved. Some drivers think that if they don’t notice any signs of car problems that everything is fine under the hood. However, there may be hidden issues that will cause problems later on.

Here’s a list of five common problems that are easy and inexpensive for your mechanic to check out:

Leaks. If you see a puddle of fluid under your car, you can usually tell what it is depending on the color. Dark brown puddles indicate leaking motor oil, possibly from the filter or drain plug not tightened securely, or a gasket that is going bad. Greenish fluid means that the antifreeze/coolant is leaking, either from a bad hose or the radiator unit itself. Neglecting to fix a leak means you could end up with an overheating engine and engine damage.

Noisy Brakes. If your brakes make a lot of noise every time you step on the brake pedal, such as squealing, squeaking, or metal-on-metal grinding, it is highly likely that the brake pads, rotors, or calipers need to be replaced.

Other Unusual Sounds. Rumbling or sputtering sounds are indications of problems in the exhaust system, possibly a hole in the muffler or a failing catalytic converter. Chirping or screeching sounds coming from under the hood may mean the drive belt or serpentine belt has become brittle or frayed with the possibility of it breaking without notice while driving.

Noisy Tires. If your tires are making humming, growling, or roaring sounds while driving, the tread may be worn down too far, a wheel bearing could be bad, or the tires may be out-of-round.

Dashboard Warning Lights. Your car's sensors and computers monitor various systems of your vehicle and will alert you with a warning light when a problem is detected. If you see any of these lights flashing, head to your auto repair shop as soon as possible for a diagnostic test.