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patch tire repair

Released on Jan. 09, 2023

A common tire repair method, because its price is relatively low and the cost performance is relatively high. So now many car owners regard it as a first choice when repairing tires. It also has another saying called internal repair. Its tire repair method is similar to that of bicycle tire repair. First, we need to remove the tire from the steel ring, and then find the damaged or punctured position from the inside of the tire. After finding the damaged location, grind it inside, clean up the damaged debris, apply glue after cleaning, and finally stick the tire patch. If you give the money in place, some stores will give tire patch Heating, heating can make the glue blend together better. This method can only repair the wound within 4.2mm, which is equivalent to half the size of our fingernail. If it exceeds, I suggest not to repair it, and replace the tire. would be safer. This method is also relatively safe.